Our Services

Le Quartier des Femmes is a place where women are invited to meet and share. We offer a variety of services for anyone looking for support, a listening ear, or wants to be more involved in the community.

  • Psychosocial Interventions

    • What is it?

      A worker welcomes you, at the center or on the phone, in complete confidentiality and without judgment. She will listen to you, support you and help you find resources that meet your needs.

      MAKE AN APPOINTMENT at 450-692-9805, ext. 230 or ext. 224.

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  • Mother-Friend

    • What is it?

      Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by events and need support? Would you like to get information about available resources? Would you like to establish a disciplinary framework? Do you sometimes doubt yourself as a parent? Would you like to meet other mothers? Would you like to have more information about your child’s development?

      The free and confidential Mother-Friend program is for you.

      It is designed for all family types (single parent, two parents, blended) and stems from the Community Action Program for Children, which is financed by the Public Health Agency of Canada. 

      The counselors are trained to support you in your valued role as a mother. They visit you at your home and base their work on your particular needs to find adequate solutions.

      Admission criteria

      • Being a mother of at least one child aged 0 to 12 years old.


      *** By appointment Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

      For more information please contact Rachel at 450 692-9805 ext. 222, or Isabelle, at ext. 223.

      You may also fill out the request form below and we will contact you to complete the registration process.

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  • Youth Camp

    • What is it?

      The Quartier des Femmes respite offers a variety of activities for mothers to recharge their batteries and create links with other women.

      Childcare is available for the children.


      To register or for more information, call Gabrielle at 450 692-9805, ext. 225.

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  • Abortion accompaniment service ***temporarily unavailable***

    • What is it?

      The Quartier des femmes of Chateauguay is offering a new abortion accompaniment service to support all people with a uterus through this process, regardless of their immigration status.

      The Quartier des Femmes is sensitive to the emotions that can be linked to abortion and the goal of this service is to provide support to anyone who makes the decision to have an abortion. The counsellors can also offer support to people who have questions about the pregnancy. Thus, the counsellors offer support throughout the entire process of a voluntary interruption of pregnancy while adapting to the needs of the individual.

      Aware of the issues surrounding abortion and abortion rights, the counsellors offer what the person needs to make informed decisions about their sexual health and their body without judgment.

      How can I access these services?

      Call us at 450 692-9805!

      What are the services offered?

      Free pregnancy testsPersonalized support using a feminist approachAccompaniment to abortion appointments, including transportation, if neededPsychosocial support for the person experiencing the abortion

      The services are bilingual, free and accessible.