Mission & values

Le Quartier des Femmes is a gathering place dedicated to improving conditions and develop empowerment in a diversity of women through popular education. We promote citizen participation (autonomous community action—ACA) through a feminist approach by:

  • Providing women with psychological and moral support;
  • Giving them access to information and resources relevant to their situation;
  • Developing solidarity and mutual help;
  • Promoting their autonomy;
  • Advocating for the improvement of women’s living conditions;
  • Raising awareness on the various issues surrounding women’s conditions.
  • Our vision

    • The improvement of women’s living conditions and their empowerment is crucial for a fairer and egalitarian society.
  • Our values

    • Social justice (including notions of equality and equity)
    • Solidarity
    • Openness to diversity
    • Respect
    • Commitment
    • Collective intelligence