Women's Quarter


  • Committees

    • Programming committee

      Participating in the development of the Fall and Winter Programs, the committee must use its imagination and creativity to plan a program that will cater to the needs of women.

    • Festive event hosting committee

      Come share your ideas! The hosting committee will organize events within the community (Christmas, etc.).

  • Citizen involvement

    • Gardeners’ committee

      You want to learn more on urban agriculture?  Participate in a social solidarity project? The gardeners’ committee is a great opportunity to build relationships with other citizens!

    • Self-managed activities

      You have skills, hobbies and knowledge to share with other women? Whether you want to plan a single or a series of workshops, the Quartier des Femmes provide you with the space to share and communicate your passions with other women!

    • You want to get involved?

      Please communicate with us now to submit your application.